No Agenda Karma Clips & More to end support for Twitter

A few months ago I updated the No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to include a content advisory concerning Twitter’s rules and conduct. In the next update 3.1.1 (beta will be out soon) all reference and interaction to Twitter will be removed. For many years the NA Karma app showed tweets from Adam and JCD and allowed users to interact with tweets and re-tweets in their timelines. I always felt this provided great value to the application, at least until the last several months both before and after the 2020 US Presidential election. During those months I have experienced Twitter descend into a one sided frenzy of removing content for ludicrous reasons. Fact checking that lacks more facts than the content being checked and hair splitting reasoning such as the color of a container to claim information is false or misleading is disingenuous at best. In the end I find it impossible to know if all our hosts posts and reposts are even being shown to you. I do not believe Twitter reflects the values of our hosts or the No Agenda listeners around the world and I know that they do not reflect mine. In my opinion, Twitter has become an echo chamber for one political faction. I do not believe Twitter adds value to the application at this time so it will be removed.

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