3.1.0 Public Beta II

I firmly believe that Twitter wants all the first amendment protections of a journalistic organization but not to adhere to any of the responsibilities associated with such. All while bringing home as much profit as possible. For quite a while now No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More has had support for Twitter and featured tweets from Adam and John. I think it is important that they be available in the app but over those years Twitter has made many efforts to funnel  users onto their platform, the latest being since the first public beta was issued. For the most part I understand that they need every possible user to be on their platform to survive. However, as of late I have come to feel that Twitter has become disingenuous in their mission and hide behind the protections given to them by government. I do believe that Twitter injects bias when they “Fact check”, edit, or block posts. I also believe the company uses selective enforcement of their own policies as it suits their needs. With that in mind this new Beta version brings a couple of important changes. First of all there is now long overdue support for noagendasocial.com on the Mastodon platform. Much smaller than Twitter, but functions in a similar way and is secure and ethical. Get credentials for noagendasocial.com through http://www.noagendashow.com. Second, Adam and John’s Twitter feeds will still be displayed but before any interactions (viewing photos included) redirecting users to the Twitter platform a “Content Advisory” will be displayed. It reads:

Twitter Content Advisory

By interacting with Twitter timelines, you may be subject to edited political content or an unacceptable level of personal privacy. All users are encouraged to review Twitter terms of service before proceeding. You can disable this warning in app settings.

As it states users can disable the warning in settings. I think this is the most responsible way to handle things. As the old saying goes – “if you don’t have to pay for the product, you are the product!”.  My app users pay money up front and expect a great level of privacy and I think it is only fair to notify them when being directed to another platform. And that is all I have to say about that.

One other great new addition to this beta version is the classic Noodle Boy clip on the front page.

Get your free public beta download here


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