Clip Sharing with NA Karma 3.1.0


One of the big new features coming to No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More version 3.1.0 is the clip sharing feature and today I want to take a few minutes to detail exactly how this feature works. When users are playing back stored show audio they will now see the “clip share” icon on the lower left corner of the player. When you hear some audio you think is worthy of sharing just pause the playback and hit the share icon. Pressing that will bring out the clip sharing interface.

Here, you will be able to choose a base length to the clip to be created from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Because Twitter is the most popular method of sharing and it limits posted video to 2 minutes, the maximum clip length is slightly less than 2 minutes. That ensures your clip will not be excluded. Pressing the Preview/Record button will usually trigger an authorization alert where, of course, you will need to allow the phone to record the new clip. Each authorization lasts about 8 minutes so you should only need to do it once per clip but will probably need to re-authorize for every new clip. Once authorization is allowed the preview will kickoff and recording starts. The audio starts at the point where playback was paused minus the chosen time interval. If everything goes well (authorization granted and device can handle recording) the Preview button will turn red and become the “End Recording” button. Users can choose exactly when to end the clip by pressing the button or simply allow the preview to play to the end. In either case there will be a “Share” or “Delete” alert displayed.

Hit Delete to start over or exit the clip share. Share will allow the clip to finish processing and be shared to connected third party services, Messages, iCloud, or email.


A couple of things are worth noting here. First, the name of the clip that will passed around the internet is “NoAgendaBite” and it will be a .mov type file. That’s right a video. Why, you may ask when all you really want to do is share an audio clip? Well, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms do not accept audio files. They must be presented as a video, hence you will be sharing a movie file. In an effort to give the sharing a tad bit of uniqueness there are two calls to action to donate to the show. All clips will display the text “” at the bottom and all clips longer than 30 seconds will have the audio jingle “Dvorak-Dot-Org-Slash-NA” embedded at the end. Also, I am working on making clip creation available when streaming audio in addition to stored shows. When and if that comes to the app will depend on your level of enthusiasm as it should be a lot of additional work and may not even be possible at this time.

There is a public beta of version 3.1.0 for free. You can load it at the link below.

And that is all I have to say about that.


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