NA Karma 2.4.4 Now Available

No Agenda Karma, Clips, and More version 2.4.4 came out this afternoon and will be updated for all users during the next seven days. This update includes a number of great improvements and many of them are documented in the previous post.

Also included in this update is some fun stuff by way of new audio clips and ring tones. New and recently released audio clips include

  • “Foamer” – Train horn.
  • “Girl” – Amarosa says “Girl, did you read my book?”
  • “Maverick” – John McCain “We get nothing done!”
  • “No Bias” – Peter Strzok “Hi how is Trump not a douche.”
  • “Respect” – Rev. Al “Show a little R-E-S-P-I-C-T.”
  • “OMG” – OMG That’s Amazing!

That brings the total to 113 clips. Two new ringtones are

  • “Foamer”
  • “OMG”

Hopefully these new additions will help lighten your day. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the app over the past five years. Everyone else, you can get your own copy of No Agenda Karma, Clips, and More at the link below.



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