3.1.0 Public Beta II

I firmly believe that Twitter wants all the first amendment protections of a journalistic organization but not to adhere to any of the responsibilities associated with such. All while bringing home as much profit as possible. For quite a while now No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More has had support for Twitter and featured tweets from Adam and John. I think it is important that they be available in the app but over those years Twitter has made many efforts to funnel  users onto their platform, the latest being since the first public beta was issued. For the most part I understand that they need every possible user to be on their platform to survive. However, as of late I have come to feel that Twitter has become disingenuous in their mission and hide behind the protections given to them by government. I do believe that Twitter injects bias when they “Fact check”, edit, or block posts. I also believe the company uses selective enforcement of their own policies as it suits their needs. With that in mind this new Beta version brings a couple of important changes. First of all there is now long overdue support for noagendasocial.com on the Mastodon platform. Much smaller than Twitter, but functions in a similar way and is secure and ethical. Get credentials for noagendasocial.com through http://www.noagendashow.com. Second, Adam and John’s Twitter feeds will still be displayed but before any interactions (viewing photos included) redirecting users to the Twitter platform a “Content Advisory” will be displayed. It reads:

Twitter Content Advisory

By interacting with Twitter timelines, you may be subject to edited political content or an unacceptable level of personal privacy. All users are encouraged to review Twitter terms of service before proceeding. You can disable this warning in app settings.

As it states users can disable the warning in settings. I think this is the most responsible way to handle things. As the old saying goes – “if you don’t have to pay for the product, you are the product!”.  My app users pay money up front and expect a great level of privacy and I think it is only fair to notify them when being directed to another platform. And that is all I have to say about that.

One other great new addition to this beta version is the classic Noodle Boy clip on the front page.

Get your free public beta download here


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Clip Sharing with NA Karma 3.1.0


One of the big new features coming to No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More version 3.1.0 is the clip sharing feature and today I want to take a few minutes to detail exactly how this feature works. When users are playing back stored show audio they will now see the “clip share” icon on the lower left corner of the player. When you hear some audio you think is worthy of sharing just pause the playback and hit the share icon. Pressing that will bring out the clip sharing interface.

Here, you will be able to choose a base length to the clip to be created from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Because Twitter is the most popular method of sharing and it limits posted video to 2 minutes, the maximum clip length is slightly less than 2 minutes. That ensures your clip will not be excluded. Pressing the Preview/Record button will usually trigger an authorization alert where, of course, you will need to allow the phone to record the new clip. Each authorization lasts about 8 minutes so you should only need to do it once per clip but will probably need to re-authorize for every new clip. Once authorization is allowed the preview will kickoff and recording starts. The audio starts at the point where playback was paused minus the chosen time interval. If everything goes well (authorization granted and device can handle recording) the Preview button will turn red and become the “End Recording” button. Users can choose exactly when to end the clip by pressing the button or simply allow the preview to play to the end. In either case there will be a “Share” or “Delete” alert displayed.

Hit Delete to start over or exit the clip share. Share will allow the clip to finish processing and be shared to connected third party services, Messages, iCloud, or email.


A couple of things are worth noting here. First, the name of the clip that will passed around the internet is “NoAgendaBite” and it will be a .mov type file. That’s right a video. Why, you may ask when all you really want to do is share an audio clip? Well, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms do not accept audio files. They must be presented as a video, hence you will be sharing a movie file. In an effort to give the sharing a tad bit of uniqueness there are two calls to action to donate to the show. All clips will display the text “dvorak.org/na” at the bottom and all clips longer than 30 seconds will have the audio jingle “Dvorak-Dot-Org-Slash-NA” embedded at the end. Also, I am working on making clip creation available when streaming audio in addition to stored shows. When and if that comes to the app will depend on your level of enthusiasm as it should be a lot of additional work and may not even be possible at this time.

There is a public beta of version 3.1.0 for free. You can load it at the link below.


And that is all I have to say about that.


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No Agenda Karma 3.1.0 Public Beta


Public beta for version 3.1.0 is now available. There are three major changes in this version.

  • New “Related” pages. Two related podcasts “Moe Factz” and “DH Unplugged” are now available to stream in the No Agenda Karma app.
  • Select clips available on the Apple Watch for playback through bluetooth speakers or the watch internal speakers.
  • Clip sharing. Yeah I know other podcast apps already do this and users can even just make a screen recording and share it, but I wanted to do better. With NA Karma clips you can support the show in two new ways. NA Karma clips have both a visual and audio call to action to donate. There will be a post detailing how to share audio clips soon.

You can participate in the public beta at this link.


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NA Karma – New Features Coming Soon


So, I have been working on the next version of the No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and one of the new features I am headed towards is a new “Related” page where app users are able to stream episodes of other podcasts Adam and John host or strongly support. Right now I have Moe Factz with Adam Curry and DH Unplugged. Other Suggestions are welcome, leave a comment below. A public beta with more new features will be available soon.

Get your copy Here


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No Agenda Live Stream From Apple Watch

No Agenda Karma, Clips & More app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch has a new for version 3.0 feature of live streaming from the Apple Watch. It is important to know that not all versions of the Apple Watch support the live stream capability. These are the older watches. Series 3 and later are all supported. Watches that do not support streaming will not show a button at all, others will display a button that says “Live Stream” during  showtimes and “Stream” at all other times. Pressing the button will start live streaming via Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming(HLS) technology. The content is the same as what you can access on your computer at http://listen.noagendastream.com/noagenda”.

Once the live stream is kicked off you will be taken to the streaming view. When the watch makes a successful connection the view will look like the image above on the right. If your watch is not connected to a bluetooth speaker a notification will pop up to choose a recently paired speaker for connection. Live stream audio will not play from the watch’s speaker. If a valid connection to the streaming service is not made the “No Agenda Live Stream” banner and pause button will not be displayed but when you see the screen like the picture above all you need is some patience. At a minimum it takes a few seconds for the audio to start, depending on the quality of the connection, the wait may be longer than you will like. When the connection is too weak or there is excessive buffering, after 30 seconds a notification will be presented and the streaming attempt will time out. At that point you should hit the End Play button and try again. When audio has started play you are able to navigate to other pages or close the app and the stream will continue. The pause button in the center of the stream playing view is just that. It will pause the audio but the stream connection will remain intact for a period of time and audio may be quickly restored. When you are finished streaming it is recommended to use the “End Play” button. End Play will kill off the stream and all the associated objects that use valuable resources. Your Apple Watch battery will appreciate it!

In a nutshell here is what you need to stream the No Agenda Show right from the Apple Watch.

  • Apple Watch Series 3 or later.
  • Internet connection via WiFi or Cellular.
  • Paired and connected Bluetooth 4 or later speakers, earbuds, headphones etc.

On a personal note, I do use the streaming feature regularly and have found the No Agenda stream to be very robust and filled with content all the time. I do not use a cellular watch but have found the WiFi connection is maintained to the extents of my WiFi signal. This includes doing yard work outside the home and long distances from the paired phone. I also do a lot of testing of other streams during which I encounter a lot of dead servers or just plain old dead air. Streaming failures are often not the fault of the device or internet connection.

Get your copy of No Agenda Karma, Clips & More here and start streaming today.

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NA Karma Notifications & Live Stream


OK, so there has been some confusion in earlier versions as to how notifications and the live stream button work in the No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More app.

First of all, be sure to allow notifications when downloading the app for the first time. If you disallowed notifications at first start you can always go to your main settings app and in the notifications section allow notifications for the app. Once the app is loaded the No Agenda App settings will be available in the main settings app. It will look like the image above. Here users can adjust the style of notifications they will receive, allow background refreshing of data, and allow streaming or downloads with cellular data. Below that are more specific selections.

  • Download New Shows – Along with the Background App Refresh this selection will download new show audio when it becomes available. It is important to know here that the frequency of when the operating system searches for new data in the background is directly related to the amount of time you spend using the app.
  • Showtime Reminder – This ON by default and when notifications are allowed the app sends a notification to users on show days five minutes before shows are scheduled to start.
  • Listen When Live – This setting simply starts the live stream automatically when the app is opened during a showtime. So for example if you open the app at 10:00 am PST on Sunday morning it will start live streaming the show when it becomes active.
  • Live Button(always) – In the default OFF position the live streaming button only appears during live No Agenda shows on Sunday and Thursday 9:00am PST to 12:00pm PST. For those wanting to listen to other content on the stream, turn this on  and the live streaming will be available at anytime.

I hope these changes and features are easy to understand and make the app more useful. If not, leave me a comment and I will do my best to make it happen.

For those of you who don’t already have your own copy of NO Agenda Karma, Clips, & More for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Get it Here.


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No Agenda Today


Did you know that No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More is also an iOS Today app?  That’s True! Simply activate No Agenda Today in the Today area of your iPhone or iPad. There you will see the latest show artwork and name. Press on the artwork and the regular app will open with no need to hunt through your pages of app icons.

During times when the No Agenda Show is broadcasting live the Today view will display a speaker icon above the show name. Pressing the icon will take you to the app and start the live stream for you.

So that’s the updated Today view in the No Agenda Karma iOS app. I hope you all enjoy and take advantage of it.

Download your copy of No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More here.



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Version 3.0.0 is Here!

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 - 2019-10-23 at 12.50.54

That’s right, No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch version 3.0.0 is now available. There are numerous changes to the app for this version and over the next few weeks I am going to show in detail all of those features. Audio streaming direct from the Apple Watch is probably the most significant addition for anyone who owns a watch. But there are numerous other things that make things much better for iPhone and iPad users too. Streaming, saving and sharing No Agenda show content is done best with the No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More app.

I also want to give a word of thanks to everyone who participated in the public beta’s. The information I was able to collect really helped make a better product.

Please pick up your copy of the app here.

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No Agenda Karma 3.0 Final Public Beta Now Available


This is the latest and final public beta for No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More version 3.0. Everyone is welcome to download it and use for no charge. There are a lot of great new features in version 3.0 that include live streaming from the Apple Watch.

The public beta is available here.



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No Agenda Karma 3.0 Now in Public Beta


No Agenda Karma, Clips, & More version 3.0 is now available for a brief public beta. New to this version is Live Stream from the Apple Watch and an all new Shows page on the phone and tablet.

Here is the link.        https://testflight.apple.com/join/ukZtPVXt


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